First and only Food Supplement company from INDIA to be Certified Drug FreeĀ® for Elite Athletes and Professionals by Banned Substances Control Group ( -California, USA.

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Identifying the acute need of appropriately formulated health supplements, Nutra Supplements was established in 2004. With a range of protein supplements suitable for sports persons, growing kids, pregnant women and people above 40 years of age, Nutra Supplements products are supplied to gyms, health clubs through the distribution network spread across Maharashtra and are also available at a select retail outlets.

Leveraging the finest sources of protein, Nutra Supplements brings to you a total new health experience. Powered by concentrated whey, germ wheat, soya, solid milk and other protein sources, our products are the storehouse of energy and are suitable for different age groups. As an addition to your regular diet, Nutra Supplements will do wonders for you by adding that extra pulse to your life, making it happier and healthier!

A Nutra supplement is an accredited Food Supplement Company. We are certified by BSCG as India's first Dope Free Food Supplement Company. ISSRA and Sports Medicine Centre have also appreciated our work in the field of sports.

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