It was one of the biggest events in the field of sports medicine and science in Jaipur.
And we are proud to be associated as dope free supplements experts!
As in the conference it was mentioned by our dignitaries Nutra Supplements is the only Indian brand Certified BY Banned Substance Control group -USA-which is the official list of certified Drug free supplements for Olympics Tokyo 2020
And we thank our guest Subir Debnath, Dr.kevin, Dr. Shiney Chandran, Ms. Mihira Khopkar, Dr. Vaibhav Daga, Col Dr. Vivek Mathur, Dr. Ajit Mapari and Arjuna awardee Jasgeer Singh. Your generosity and thoughtfulness are very much appreciated.
Also very thankful to the Pillars of Indian sports medicine (Dr. Ashok Ahuja, Dr.Tyagranjan, Dr.PSM Ramchandran, Col(Dr) Anup Krishnan, Dr. Rajesh Adhau).

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